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We have just completed a global online survey on children's mobile device usage from a parent's perspective. This study focuses on smartphones and tablet devices. The survey includes children aged from 0 to 18 years. The following aspects are covered:

  • Parents’ key concerns
  • Status quo of current child protection measures in place (technical / non technical)
  • Need for action and viable options

You can find the survey here. 

Raise awareness

We will use the survey results to raise public awareness. This will be done through social networks and media. In addition, we will plan interviews with internationally leading experts on digital parenting and digital child safety. We will post interesting articles and resources in our resource center.

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Drive solution development

We believe that the most effective and sustainable way to improve digital child safety in large scale is leveraging existing market mechanisms.  
We will identify commercial opportunities for developers, mobile ecosystem players and investors. For this purpose we will use our contacts in the mobile industry and translate the identified needs and gaps into business opportunities. This can be the targeted improvement of existing solutions, the development of new products or an optimized commercial approach in order to serve a maximum number of families at an affordable price or for free through indirectly financed models.